from 8-00 to 19-00
Open Day
Open Day

It has become our tradition to invite guests! September 15th from 11.00 till 16.00, we hope to see you at our "Open Day". We will show you the classrooms where our children are involved in various activities, tell you about the materials that we use while working with children, talk about the bilingual approach.

children will be able to spend time in
- creative workshop from 11.00 till 16.00
- vocal studio from 12.00 till 15.00
- capoeira class from 15.00 till 16.00

Come and visit us!

Chinese culture week
Chinese culture week

From September 17-21, together with our children, we will prepare for the meeting of our guests from the Nanjing Pedagogical University (Jiangsu province). It is always interesting to share experience with colleagues from different countries. During the week, we will talk about the traditions and customs in China. Children will be able to make souvenirs for the guests. The week of Chinese culture has not begun yet, but our children are already full of ideas for the projects, someone knows how to make a fan, someone wants to talk about their journey to this country, someone wants to teach other children to use chopsticks!

Open Day
Open Day

Open Day - 11th August from 11.00 till 16.00

  • you will meet the teachers of Wonder preschool;
  • we will tell you about our bilingual environment;
  • together with children you will be able to visit workshops in Capoeira, Football, Robotics and Art !
  • at 14.30 you will have a chance to see a puppet show.
  • The opening of a new class: "ROBOTICS"
    The opening of a new class: "ROBOTICS"
    Since March 1st, a new class "LEGO CONSTRUCTION and ROBOTICS" has been open in our preschool! The kids have already built and programmed their first robots.
    August 11th:  opening of the "Salt cave"!
    August 11th: opening of the "Salt cave"!
    We invite you and your children to the sessions. Children's health is our first priority! That is why we have created in the kindergarten an element of the Black Sea resort - a salt cave. This is a specially equipped room with walls, ceiling and floor covered with salt blocks.
    The 15th of May language summer camp starts its work
    The 15th of May language summer camp starts its work

    Not boring program:
    - immersion in english
    - environment
    - camping in the garden
    - interesting quests